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When referring to albums, the majority of entries relate to UK releases, so it must be appreciated that the equivalent US, Japanese or European versions may differ. After the commercially released albums I have given details of personal collections and compilations, which I have built up from other recordings where John Miles has had an involvement.
{short description of image} Rebel (LP & CD) 1976
Stranger In The City (LP & CD) 1976
Zaragon (LP & MC) 1978
More Miles Per Hour (LP & MC) 1979
Sympathy (LP Only) 1980
Miles High (UK Version) (LP & MC) 1981
Miles High (US Version) (LP Only) 1981
John Miles' Music (LP Only) 1982
Play On (LP Only) 1983
Transition (LP & MC) 1985
John Miles Live In Concert (CD Only) 1992
Anthology (CD Only) 1993
{short description of image} Upfront (CD Only) 1993
Master Series (CD Only) 1998
Tom and Catherine (CD Only) 1999
Millennium Edition (CD Only) 1999
John Miles - His Very Best (CD Only) 2000
John Miles - Live in Concert (DVD) 2002
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These are compilations created for personal use from a variety of sources, and are not generally available
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Early Singles (45s) 1969/75
Singles (45s) 1975/85
Live In Concert - Rebel Broadcast by BBC Radio One
March 1976
Live In Concert - Stranger in the City Broadcast by BBC Radio One
2nd May 1977
Live In Concert - Zaragon Broadcast by BBC Radio One
11th March 1978
Live In Concert - MMPH Broadcast by BBC Radio One in 1979
Live At The Albert Hall Before HRH the Princess Margaret in 1979
Live In Concert - Joe Cocker Recorded in the Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund in 1992
Live In Concert - Upfront Broadcast by Südwestfunk, Baden-Baden in 1993
MMPH / Sympathy Compilation 1979 / 1980
Night Of The Proms Compilation 1994 / 2002
John Miles With Alan Parsons Compilation From the Alan Parsons Project series, 1975 - 1990
John Miles - Performer Compilation Playing with other artistes, and tracks taken from miscellaneous TV shows
John Miles - Songwriter Compilation John Miles songs performed by others
John Miles - Music Man Compilation John Miles life in music - my own compilation