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19691. I Want to Live
2. Driving Me Wild
19703. Why Don't You Love Me
4. If I Could See Through
19715. Jose **
6. You Make It So Hard **
19727. Come Away Melinda
8. Walking With My Head Held
9. Yesterday (was just the beginning)
10. Road To Freedom
197311. Hard Road
12. You're Telling Me Lies
13. Jacqueline
14. Keep On Tryin'
15. One Minute Every Hour
16. Hollywood Queen
197417. Fright Of My Life
18. Good Time Woman
19. What's On Your Mind
20. Rock "N" Roll Band
197521. Putting It Down To The Way I Feel About You
22. April Fools Connection
All the early singles were released by Orange, except for **, released by Decca.