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As most of John Miles' recordings are now unavailable new, one of the most common questions asked is "How can I get hold of a copy of *?".

The best way we have found is to go to what must be the most comprehensive second hand music and video site around, Gemm Music This site is the gateway to hundreds of stores around the world. There is a first class search engine, and you can place your order directly with Gemm. In addition, there is an excellent "want list" facility. When a new entry is matched with your wants, Gemm sends you an email to that effect.

Gemm also offers a good deal of customer protection against non delivery or poor quality goods, as well as being able to handle payments.

It is also worth keeping an eye on auction sites, the best known being Ebay. John Miles material often appears here. However, Ebay as such does not offer a watch list. There is third party software available which will do the job for you, although to date we have not tried any. As with any auction, you do have to be prepared for disappointment though.

Good luck with your hunting!

We have also made several purchases directly from the following sites, which are all worth a look:

Pride Records

Total Recall


Purple Haze Records

Cheap or What CDs

CMS Music

CJ's Music and Memorabilia

Hard to Find Records

Vinyl Tap

Disc-Covery Records

Sonic Recollections

Records By Mail

Fun Records



Off The Record

Sweet Memories

Colin Hayes

CD Connection

VIP 24