EMI 1C 064 1651471

Vocals: John Miles
Guitar Solo: John Miles
Guitar: Martin Jenner
Tambourine: Gus Dudgeon
Drums: Graham Jarvie
Bass: Paul Westwood
Orchestral Arrangement: Bruce Baxter
1. Take Me To My Heaven
2. Song For You
3. It Wasn't Love At All
4. Ready To Spread Your Wings
5. I'll Never Do It Again
6. Heart Of Stone
7. Home
8. Close Eyes, Count To Ten
9. Carrie
10. The Right To Sing
11. Back to the Magic (B side of single Right to Sing)
12. Heart of Stone (Extended Remix)
13. That's Rock and Roll (B side of single Song For You)
The top four tracks from the album, as voted for by members of the Yahoo Groups John Miles Mailing List in January 2000, updated in August 2002 are:

1: The Right to Sing
2: Take Me To My Heaven
3: I'll Never Do It Again
4: Ready to Spread my Wings