Valentino 790 476-1 USA

Vocals: John Miles
Guitars: John Miles
Keyboards: John Miles
Drums: Barriemore Barlow
Percussion: Barriemore Barlow
Bass: Bob Marshall
*Producer: Trevor Rabin
**Producer: Beau Hill
Producer: Pat Moran
1. Once In Your Life
2. Run
3. Blinded*
4. You're The One
5. I Need Your Love*
6. Hard Time
7. Who Knows
8. Don't Lie To Me
9. Watching Over Me**
10. Good, So Bad (B side of single Blinded)
11. Blinded (Single Version)
The top four tracks from the album, as voted for by members of the Yahoo Groups John Miles Mailing List in April 2001, updated in August 2002, are:

1: Blinded
2: Once In Your Life
3: I Need Your Love
4: Run