Harvest ST12172Vocals: John Miles

Guitars: John Miles
Keyboards: John Miles
Keyboards: Brian Chatton
Drums: Barry Black
Bass: Bob Marshall
Producer: John Miles
1. Out Of The Cradle (but still rockin')
2. Turn Yourself Loose
3. Don't Stop Now
4. Don't Want The Same Things
5. Reggae Man
6. Hold On
7. One Step Closer To Paradise
8. Foolin'
9. Closer to You
10. Peaceful Waters
11. Dancin' For Joy (from UK Release)
The top four tracks from the album, as voted for by members of the Yahoo Groups John Miles Mailing List in September 2000, updated in August 2002, are:

1: Turn Yourself Loose
2: One Step Closer To Paradise
3: Peaceful Waters
4: Foolin'