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John Miles with Stephen Carson
An Italian John Miles site is to be found at http://www.freeweb.org/freeweb/belda/, run by David Bellotti, who has most of the lyrics of the John Miles albums in English, along with translations into Italian.
As John Miles has been associated with Alan Parsons for much of his early career, a link to an Alan Parsons site is appropriate, especially since it does contain some John Miles information. See it at http://www.roadkill.com/app/
He also has a continuing committment to Night of the Proms, directing and performing. More about this can be found at http://www.notp.com
1999 saw the debut of his musical Tom and Catherine, based on the life of Catherine Cookson and her husband Tom. Information on this, unfortunately no longer including some audio exerpts, are at http://www.ncn.org.uk
Second hand copies of many of John Miles' recordings can be found on the Where to Buy page
John Miles original record label Orange had some interesting information, including reissues of early singles and the Tom and Catherine CD plus a number of mp3 audio downloads, but the web site seems to have disappeared. Sorry!!

The WinMX John Miles Chatroom Web Site This site has pictures of many of the regulars in this chatroom - give it a visit

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