Decca TXS - R126 UK
Arista AB4176 USA

Vocals: John Miles
Guitars: John Miles
Keyboards: John Miles
Drums: Barry Black
Percussion: Barry Black
Bass: Bob Marshall
Recorded and Mixed: Rob Freeman
Producer: Rupert Holmes
1. Overture
2. Borderline
3. I Have Never Been In Love Before
4. No Hard Feelings
5. Plain Jane
Nice Man Jack

6.--i Kensington Gardens
7.--ii Mitre Square
8.--iii Harley Street
9. Zaragon
The top four tracks from the album, as voted for by members of the Yahoo Groups John Miles Mailing List in April 2000, updated in August 2002, are:

1: Overture
2: Nice Man Jack
3: I Have Never Been In Love Before
4: Zaragon