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{short description of image}{short description of image}Disc 1
1. Out Of The Cradle (but still rockin')
2. That's Rock and Roll
3. Putting My New Song Together
4. Song For You
5. Glamour Boy
6. Slow Down
7. Run
8. Man Behind The Guitar (There's A)
9. Everybody Wants Some More
10. Highfly
11. We All Fall Down
12. The Real World
13. Now That The Magic Has Gone
Disc 2
1. Remember Yesterday
2. Fella In The Cellar
3. Shadow Of A Lonely Man
4. (Don't Give Me Your) Sympathy
5. No Hard Feelings
6. The Right To Sing
7. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
8. Back to the Magic
9. What Goes Around
10. Everything's OK
11. Oh How The Years Go By
12. Music Man
13. Music (Extended Version)