Other Versions of "Music"

While trawling around the many mp3 files available on the internet, several alternative versions and mixes of "Music" have come to light. I have collected these together, and they can be downloaded from the internet. Contact Mary Ellen Lee from the Contacts page.

Radio Newcastle Interview with John Miles

On March 8th 2002, Julia Harkin, on BBC Radio Newcastle, had John Miles as one of her guests. A Real Audio transcript of this interview can be heard using the link above, or click here. You will need Real Player installed to hear this exerpt.
Interview with Gloria Hunniford on BBC Radio 2 in 1983

This is an interview with Gloria Hunniford, a well known UK broadcaster, heard on BBC Radio 2 in 1983.
Night of the Proms 2001 Interview with John Miles

During Night of the Proms 2001 there was a very short interview with John Miles, mainly in German, although John's replies are in the background in English. Again, you will need Real Player installed to hear this interview.
Capital Radio Rock Masterclass - 1984

From Patrick Crotty comes a recording of a Capital Radio (London) Rock Masterclass, featuring John Miles, in which John gives an extended interview about his approach to songwriting and playing (including how he wrote "Music"), during which he records a basic multitrack demo of a new song (not one he subsequently released as far as we know), although sounding a little like tracks from the Transition album.

It is in three parts, which can be streamed or downloaded in Real music format here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Star Special

In the late 1970's, BBC Radio 1 ran a series called Star Special, where current chart topping artists were able to spend two hours playing their favourite tracks. We are fortunate that Richard Townsend recorded the John Miles Star Special, and I have created a page to link to all the 28 of John's favourite tracks of that time. You will need Real Player installed to stream these.
MIDI Files

We have been looking around for MIDI files of John Miles' work. Those which we have found can be downloaded here. They are in the Zip format.

Download Real Player Here

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