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This web site has been created with the generous help of the many members of the John Miles Mailing List, originally to document the recording career of John Miles over the past 30 years, although it has expanded well beyond this.
Please take time to browse through, and appreciate one of the greatest musicians and songwriters to come from the North of England in recent times.

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The photograph of John Miles (left) and his brother in 1953, sent to us by Zoë Pinchin, is used with John's kind permission.


If you have come via www.John-Miles.com, www.John-Miles.co.uk or www.JohnMiles.eu. you will now find that you have been redirected to www.John-Miles.net
We are currently working on a new website so check back in a few weeks for any progress updates. Until then the links here may not work.

Stephen Carson
August 19th 2016


LATEST: John headlined the charity event "Sunday Night at the City Hall" on Sunday June 2nd 2013 at 7.30pm. It was organised by his good friend Brendan Healy and Bobby Pattinson who also appearred. The poster appears on the left. AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson also made a guest appearance.

Previous to the above, John last performed publicly in the UK on 4 September 2011 at a charity event in South Shields in aid of Cri Du Chat syndrome which is very personal to John (see latest CD / Releases below). This was the 2nd such event the first having happened in August 2009. On a larger scale John co-headed the bill on 13th March 2011 at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle in aid of Josie's Dragonfly which also featured Joe McElderry of X Factor fame. Prior to that he appeared with his Big Band for an afternoon of Swing and Jazz on Sunday 14 August 2005 at Bents Park in South Shields. Entry was £FREE! The set list include many of the tracks on his last CD (see below) as well as others and ended with a Big Band version of "Music". John continues to perform live as part of the Night of the Proms (see below).

John performed at the Rock Legends Adventure in May 2008 and later in the year John join Tina Turner on her (last?) world tour. John went over in August following some radio interviews. The tour began in September in the US and came to Europe in the New Year ended in Sheffield in May 2009. A CD / DVD of the tour was released at the end of September 2009. http://www.tinaturnerlive.com/


John's son, John Jnr, recorded an album of compositions written with Simon Ferry. The band known as "The Urge" toured and released and album "Lunch at the Lady Garden". Downloads and more information can be got at www.myspace.com/theurgeofficial . They released a live DVD in April 2008 however John has since left and joined the Belgian group Sylver. In 2009 John Jnr & Sylver collaborated on a new version of "Music" which appeared on their album "Sacrifice" and entered in the Belgian charts. The video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEv0O-ufHtYJohn Jnr has continued to record with Sylver and has been performing with both Sylver and Milk Inc and has opened a bar in Antwerp. He has been recording material for a new project called "Skylight". So far they have released a single "Colour of the Night".http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FcHucn_Q5Y


In September 2016 a box set of all the Decca Albums is being released which will also include his first Decca single "Jose" as well as the BBC Zaragon concert.

In the summer of 2012 a new track from John Miles became available for fans to hear. Written for his daughter Angel was made available on YouTube by Tanya in support of the Cri Du Chat Support Group. This condition affects her son as well as many other children and so once you have enjoyed the music and video feel free to leave a small donation at the link here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqlOHU4agbE
John performed this beautiful song at the 2012 Proms and earlier in July 2013 it was made available on Itunes for the measly sum of 89p! Also see "Night of the Proms" secition below for details of this on DVD.
In Febrruary 2012 Cherry Red released John Miles - Decca Singles 1975 -79. http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=3516In September 2010 Amazon displayed a new release of Transition by the John Miles' Band which was subequently released. It is not known if this was an official release.

In September 2009 a CD called Best of John Miles at Night of the Proms was released. It contains tracks recorded over the 25 years of John's involvement with the Proms. The track listing is as follows:
01. Now That The Magic Has Gone 02. Piano Concerto N° 2 / All By Myself (with Wayne Marshall) 03. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes (with David Garrett) 04. Sarabande & Broken Wings 05. If You Go Away 06. Miserere (Tony Henry) 07. Caruso (with Natalie Choquette) 08. Mr. Blue Sky 09. Bohemian Rhapsody 10. Born to Run 11. It Was A Very Good Year 12. You're The Voice 13. Smooth 14. Sagrada Familia (with Manuel Barrueco) 15. Music
For your copy visit http://www.notp.com/store/nlor amazon.de.

April 14 2008 saw the re-issue of John's fourth album"More Miles Per Hour" (MMPH). The tracks have been remastered and contains 3 bonus tracks being a B side and both sides of his last original single for Decca that was not on an album. As with the re-issues of his first three albums on the Lemon label, the release contains a booklet (16 pages) which contains lyrics, liner notes and picture sleeves of the single releases from around the world many of which are from my collection. This CD as well as John's first 3 albums, Rebel, Stranger In The City & Zaragon are also on the Lemon label and are available to order at the following link and the usual sites / stores.http://www.cherryred.co.uk/lemon/artists/johnmiles.htm

Following the fantastic "Two Hat Pack" concerts and the hour special (with John & Brendan's highlights from the shows) on Tyne Tees television, a CD was produced.

The CD is called BIG BAND JOHN - John Miles Tribute to The Rat Pack. The track listing is as follows:
1. Come Fly With Me, 2. Witchcraft, 33. You Make Me Feel So Young, 4. Nice 'n' Easy, 5. My Kind of Town, 6. That Old Black Magic, 7. It Was A Very Good Year, 8. I Get A Kick Out Of You, 9. Let The Good Times Roll, 10. Fly Me To The Moon, 11. Cheek To Cheek, 12. Hallelujah, I love her so, 13. My Way, 14. New York, New York..
The CD is available from http://www.orangerecords.com/..
The CD of the musical "Tom and Catherine" is also available at this site. If you have any difficulty please let me know
You may also like to know that John has genaerally features on the Night of The Proms CDs. John's version of Valerie appears on the 2011 CD and 2 tracks appear on the 2010 edition. - see below. In 2006 John appeared on the Sunday for Sammy 2006 DVD with John on keyboards and backing vocals and also on Lead Vocals and Guitar for "Now that the Magic Has Gone" . The DVD is available at both http://www.mawson-wareham.com/videos.htmandhttp://www.lindeshop.co.uk/

Stephen Carson


As many John Miles fans know, John has had a long association with "the Night of the Proms". In September 2012 he appeared at the inaugral Swedish proms appearing with Anastacia , Tony Henry and Art Garfunkel (for 1 performance) and subsequently at the Winter 2012 tour of Belgium, Holland & Germany. Headlining acts were the Jacksons & Anastacia in Belgium & Holland & Mick Hucknell & Anastacia in Germany.
The Best of Night of the Proms Vol 6 was released in 2013 and features John singing "Angel" as noted above. http://www.notp.com/store/dvd/dvd_6The "Best of Night of the Proms" Vol 4 DVD also features John and he is singing "Stairway to Heaven" from the 2009 Proms which is also on the 2009 Proms CD. On the 2010 CD John sings Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and the Classic "Mack The Knife". The previous DVD release, Vol 3 saw John perform "You're the Voice".
The upcoming 2013 tour in Belgium & Holland features Gloria Estefan, Wyclef Jean & Amy MacDonald while the German and Luxembourg concerts will feature Morten Harket (of Aha), Amy MacDonald , the Baseballs & Mark King (of Level 42). Also in spring 2014 there will be the first Proms in Poland featuring OMD, Amy MacDonald & DIV4http://www.notp.com/english/


Most recently the Customs House gave an outdoor performance of the Musical "Tom & Catherine" on June 30th 2006. this was to celebrate Catherine Cookson's 100th Birthday. The writer and composer, Tom Kelly and John Miles were both in attendance. Ahead of the performance John gave an interesting interview on Radio Newcastle. The original CD of the music from the show featuring John Miles on vocals is available at http://www.orangerecords.com/
In February 2010 John Miles and Tom Kelly's first musical collaboration "Machine Gunners" was restaged at the Customs House. Later in May, Encore performed the songs from Dan Dare & Tom and Catherine.

A new musical came to the Customs House in October 2004. "Cuddy's Miles" was based on the legendary Jarrow Crusade march to London. Written by Arthur Mackenzie and David Whittaker (the Mekon in Dan Dare I think) and featuring music by John Miles! The story is very close to John's heart as it features his grandfather (Cuddy) who was the cook on the march. All the songs are new and were played by a brass band to recreate the era. The show ran from October 7th until the 16th. I hope to get a listing of the shows song in due course. In the meantime you can read a little more about it at: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/JohnMiles/message/2239


I get a steady stream of email asking if I know where people can get John Miles' "Music" sheet music from - and I have just discovered that it is still available from Music Sales - it can be purchased online at http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/34959/details.html and costs £3.50 - (that is €4.90 or $US5.60). Postage and packing are free within the UK and the European Community. I have no idea what photo is on the cover, as the website doesn't include an image. By the way, I have used this website to order other music online, and I have to say that the service is excellent, especially with free postage and packing!

Bimal Jangra

John Miles at school in 1963.

Album and record reviews have been written by the members of the John Miles Mailing List. The Biography on the About page was largely written by Stephen Carson, with additional material culled from many various sources.

We are always being asked where John Miles' recordings can be bought, since most of them have been deleted from the current catalogues. Second hand copies of many of these recordings can be found at the sites detailed on the Where to Buy page. In addition, the majority of his tracks can be downloaded from the internet, details of which are on the mp3 page.
To complement the album release data, we have collected together the majority of the lyrics of John Miles' songs. These can all be reached from the Lyrics page.
As well as record releases, we have collected together a large number of pictures, not only from the albums, but also from the many concert and TV appearances John Miles has made over the years. These can all be found on the Photo Montage page and the Tours and Concerts pages. Again we have to thank members of the John Miles Mailing List for most of these.
The Audio Clips page includes links to a BBC broadcast of John's top twenty of 1979, in the Star Special series, and interviews on BBC and Commercial Radio. You will need Real Player installed to listen to these.
We are also fortunate in having a transcript of a conversation which Andy Potter had with John Miles, prior to writing an article for the Derby Evening Telegraph. Thanks to Andy.
Over the months we have received a number of Press Cuttings from members, which we are gradually getting onto the site. We do need help in identifying these, the source and date of publication. If anyone can help, please contact Stephen Carson.
If you have any pictures, concert programmes, or any other material which would enhance the site which you are willing to lend me, we would be pleased to hear from you.

You can contact Stephen Carson by going to the Contacts page.

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