A poll of the members of the John Miles Mailing List, started in January 2002, for their favourite Top Ten of all of John Miles' recordings gave the following results. The position was calculated by allocating 10 points for number 1, 9 points for number 2 etc., and then adding these together for each song.

As more postings of further top ten selections come in, we will update the list to reflect these.

The last update was on 15th July 2002
Position Song Points
1 Music 133
2 Overture 118
3 Fella In The Cellar 74
4 Remember Yesterday 73
5 Nice Man Jack 68
6 No Hard Feelings 50
7 Pull The Damn Thing Down 48
8 Time 46
9 You Have It All 44
10 When You Lose Someone So Young 42