Remember Yesterday

(Miles, Marshall)
Taken from the Album:

Stranger In The City

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Misty silence of the early morning
All around another day is dawning.
Goodbyes ain't easy,
So no-one sees me when I go.

Only time is gonna last forever,
Just remember what we had together.
I must be leavin'
And I can't even let it show.
I am on my way,
Remember Yesterday.

Lose your memory in a thousand places
Disappearing in a sea of faces,
Always lonely,
I live the only way I know.

Holding on until I don't remember
Early morning back in late September,
Now you're behind me,
The clouds remind me I'm alone.
I am on my way,
Remember Yesterday.
My mind must be the gypsy
That keeps me movin' on.
My heart must be the only thing
That's callin' me back home.
My memories are souvenirs
And all there is to show.
For someone who's been everywhere,
I've got no place to go.

Spend a life time searching for a reason,
Find the answer in the changing season.
By tomorrow
All the sorrow disappears.
Far away another boat is sailing,
Making time before the light starts failing,
Never knowing where I'm going day to day.
I am on my way,
Remember Yesterday.