Although I used to date my home page each time I have made any modifications to this sites, it has not been possible for regular visitors to work out just what has been changed
I hope that this page will rectify the omission, and help you navigate around the sites
10th July 2003 Press clipping from the Nottingham local paper, and transcript of an interview with John Miles for the Derby local paper added
13th May 2003 Screenshots of the Sight and Sound in Concert broadcast of 11 March 1978 - the Zaragon concert, added to the Zaragon page
19th November 2002 New page on scanning CD covers added, get to it from the home page.
30th October 2002 New page on sharing mp3 music files added, get to it from the home page.
12th October 2002 I have added some downloads of different versions of Music. See the Audio Clips page or the John Miles - Songwriter page.
5th October 2002 The Capital Radio Rock Masterclass sent to me by Patrick Crotty has been added. This programme lasts for nearly an hour, and I found it very interesting to listen to. The quality is somewhat reduced from the original, to give modem users a chance to hear it without too many re-buffers. Lood at the Audio Clips page.
28th September 2002 I have been adding photographs of the recent concerts as I receive them. Also adding details of several versions of Music on the Songwriter page
7th September 2002 A new page on the recent South Shields / Wallington concert added to the Tours and Concerts page.
2nd September 2002 The top four listings on all albums have been updated with the latest figures. News about DVD added.
14th July 2002 Pictures taken at the concert in Southport, January 1984 added to the Tours and Concerts page
4th May 2002 NOTP 2001 TV interview with John Miles added to the Audio Clips page
6th April 2002 John Miles Wallpaper page added, accessed from home page as Download Files
31st March 2002 The Gloria Hunniford radio interview added on the Audio Clips page.
14th March 2002 The "About John Miles" page completely rewritten with an autobiography, based on Stephen Carson's original album reviews, plus extra material. Individual album reviews and favourites combined.
10th March 2002 Report on Newcastle Record Fair from Evening Chronicle added.
6th March 2002 I have been through the whole web site, and updated the coding of all the pages. All the lyric pages have been re-layed out to make them easier to read. The background has also been changed.
3rd March 2002 Stephen Carson's review of a Sunday for Sammy added in the Tours and Concerts section
24th February 2002 A complete rewrite of the About John Miles page included.
16th February 2002 Complete site rewritten to remove inconsistencies in layout and formatting. Page size now fixed at 750 pixels to improve readability at 800 x 600 resolution
12th February 2002 A new page of pictures from the Forum Theatre, Hatfield in 1984, sent to me by Chris Greenwood added
6th February 2002 Top Four ratings for all albums updated with results obtained late in 2001
25th January 2002 Initial Top Ten list added to site.
3rd January 2002 I have added a page of stills taken from the 2001 Night of the Proms concert, broadcast last night on WDR
19th November 2001 I have added a new Press Cuttings page, where I hope to include all the old cuttings from the music press which members are sending me. Some of these need identifying, publication, date and author. If you can help, please send me the info.
14th November 2001 A new Contacts page added to help getting in touch with mailing list members
10th November 2001 Three new Tours pages added, with photographs from Richard Townsend
28th October 2001 Stephen's review of John Miles My Life in Music finished, including photos from Bimal Jangra
5th September 2001 Stephen's review of John Miles My Life in Music added, under the Tours and Concerts section.
3rd August 2001 I have received another, much improved copy of the Star Special broadcast from Richard Townsend, which I have now edited, and uploaded. I hope you all find it interesting.
19th June 2001 Great news - I had a copy of the John Miles Star Special from BBC Radio 1 from about 1977. I have copied this onto the web site, track by track. Look at Audio Clips, Star Special. You will need Real Player.
10th May 2001 I have at last found a way to include audio clips on the site, thanks to a suggestion from one of the John Miles mailing list members. You will find a new page called Audio Clips, accessed from the Record releases page, with some clips from the latest compilation John Miles - His Very Best. Also the Favourites page for the Live at the BBC album is now in place.
6th May 2001 Using the excellent video compilation by Malcolm Leeves, I have added frame shots of many of the rare video clips from performances by John Miles, mainly from his earlier days.
29th April 2001 I have added a Live at the Albert hall compilation, with a couple of pictures.
28th April 2001 A new compilation, Performer 2, has been added with pictures from video tapes recorded off air in the 1970s
12th April 2001 I have added two more photographs of John Miles, kindly sent to me by Bimal Jangra, to the Singles and Record Releases pages.
23rd February 2001 I have updated the Where to Buy page with additional information
13th February 2001 I have added a zip files containing MIDI files of John Miles' music for downloading.
9th February 2001 A compilation digest of the first 560 postings to the John Miles mailing list added for download.
4th February 2001 Transition review added
31st January 2001 Transition favourites added
28th January 2001 Pages added covering John Miles performing at the Night of the Proms, 1998
18th January 2001 Pages added covering John Miles playing with the Joe Cocker Band in Dortmund, 1992
28th December 2000 Major site reoganisation carried out, files moved to different locations.
23rd December 2000 Pages covering John Miles at the Tina Turner 24/7 tour and One Last Time concert added.
20th December 2000 Page covering John Miles at the Tina Turner Wildest Dreams tour added.
16th December 2000 New page on John Miles 1993 TV concert broadcast on mdr featuring his Upfront album.
15th December 2000 Page on copying LPs to CD has been updated.
13th December 2000 Photographs from the Tina Turner US Tour 2000, and an addition to the Related Sites page, both reached from the About John Miles page.
11th December 2000 Details taken from the brochure/programme for John Miles European Tour 1979 added to About John Miles page. Photographs from his 1984 gig in Worthing added to About John Miles page.
30th November 2000 New Cirencester URL added to Home Page
27th November 2000 Changes made to the Personal Web Site Business, Caravans and Computer Retailers pages
26th November 2000 Changes made to the Home Page, and Personal Web Site start page
25th November 2000 New price list added to Patio People
23rd November 2000 What's New page added to site