We are beginning to collect a number of press cuttings from members of the John Miles Mailing List, which we will include on the web site. Where known, we will be able to acknowledge the date and source of the cutting. Where we do not know these details, it would be very helpful if anyone who does have this information could contact us with it.
Cutting Publication Date Author
Miles Ahead of the Rest Daily Record 1976 Not Known
John Miles - Music Maker Look In 1976 Not Known
Inter City Article Sounds 5th February 1977 Hugh Fielder
Dumb Blond Article Record Mirror Not Known Barry Cain
Five Dates for Miles Not Known December 1977 Not Known
My Top Fifty Melody Maker Not Known Not Known
Sound Circus Record Mirror Not Known Jonathan Hughes
Miles in Front Look In Not Known Not Known
Zaragon Tour Poster Record Mirror 4th March 1978 N/A
Zaragon European Tour Record Mirror 1978 Not Known
Zaragon Review Record Mirror Not Known Barry Cain
Cover Star Words Not Known Not Known
Newcastle Record Fair Evening Chronicle March 2002 Not Known
Nottingham Royal Concert Hall Nottingham Local Paper 1984 David Lowe