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JOHN MILES was born in Jarrow, on the 23rd April, 27years ago and has, since that date, been proving to his native north?east and the rest of Britain that he's something of a major musical discovery.
At the age of five he was taking piano lessons. but at the tirrie found it quite dull, and never could have imagined the success he was to achieve in the years to come. While at Grammar School he persuaded his father to buy him a guitar. which led him to join his first band, a semi-professional group called Influence. The band was so sucessful that John lost his job as an apprentice engraver. because he had to take too much time off work in order to fulfil the group's engagements!
When Influence split up he formed his own group called The John Miles Band (above left) who played most of their early gigs in the North and started to acquire a huge following.
He moved to London, where he was chased by several top record companies before signing for Decca.
His first single, Highfly, reached the Top Twenty. The follow-up, Music and the first album Rebel both reached number 3 in the charts in April last year, while his next single Remember Yesterday, was also a chart entry. John has a new single Manhattan Skyline and album Stranger In The City which are sure to emulate the success of' his previous records.
John Miles has surely earned his title as the most famous of all the Jarrow marchers.