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John Miles - the thinking man's rock star
JOHN MILES was one of the few new British rock singers really to break through in 1976.

He is described, reasonably, as the thinking man's rock singer.

He sings nice songs with beautiful lyrics, but basically this lad from Jarrow, who tried for years to get anywhere without succeeding, is a rock man.
His "Music," which established him and gave him tours with people like Elton John, the Stones, and Jethro Tull, was one of the best songs and records of 1976. And he had his own show at the Apollo in Glasgow to prove it.

John, seven years on the club circuit before making it big with his "Music," is doing a major tour next month and has
a date in Glasgow on January 22. Only the venue has still to be decided, but it will be his only Scottish concert.

His last album, "Rebel," was in the top ten for four months, a quite astonishing achievement.

His new album will be out in a week's time, called "Stranger In The City," all written by himself, and his new single will be out in the first week of January